Hong Kong concert (Central Harbourfront) Direct bus to Mainland China

Date : 30 April, 1,3-5,7-9 May 2024; 24-26 May 2024
Venue : Central Harbourfront Event Space
  • Same price for children & adults.
  • Departure location: Central Ferry Piers (Pier No. 9 Near Ferris Wheel) If there is any change, will notify asap

Service provider

  • Eternal East Cross-Border Coach Mgt. Ltd., License no.: 351780
  • Eternal East Tours Co. Ltd., License no.: 351353

Route  Information

→ Huanggang  Huanggang Port / Bank of Guangzhou Tower  HK$75, HK$90 Additional Schedule

→ Guangzhou GZGG2300 Zhengjia Square West Gate Huaxia Hotel (Haizhu Square) HK$200

→ Foshan FSGG2300 Nanhai CTS (North Second Gate of Nanhai Gymnasium)Yongdong Bus Ancestral Temple Store (on the side of Foshan Jianinna Hotel) HK$200

→ Zhongshan ZSGG2300B Yongdong East District Station of Zhongshan ShengjYajule Century Youhuocheng (Shaxi Station) HK$200

→ Panyu     PQGG2300 Panyu Square (Smart Tourism Center) Panyu Yifa Commercial Street South Square HK$200

→Daliang    DLGG2300 Daliang New World Hotel HK$200

  • Due to limited seats on each bus, a second confirmation is necessary. If the selected bus is full, customer service will make a reservation based on the backup flight provided by the customer and notify the customer accordingly.
  • To pass through customs at the Huanggang Port in Hong Kong, you will need to disembark from the bus once. After clearing customs, you will reboard the bus to proceed to the Huanggang Port in Mainland China for customs clearance, and then continue to the destination.

Vehicle information

  • 47-seat car, can carry 47 pieces of large luggage and 47 pieces of small luggage.
  • Luggage size restrictions - Standard luggage: the maximum volume limit is 55 cm x 45 cm x 20 cm (i.e. 22 inches)
  • The Company reserves the right to refuse extra-heavy, extra-long, extra-large luggage (total dimensions not exceeding 120 cm) and other items deemed inappropriate for carriage on board the vehicle. Passengers may not object to this decision. Regarding excess baggage, the company may require passengers to purchase additional baggage.
  • Infants and children must also be counted in the number of passengers.

Notice to Ticket-Buyers

  • All passengers must prepare the required travel documents (such as passport, ID card, valid visa) before boarding.
  • Eating and drinking in the car is strictly prohibited.
  • Please refer to Yongdong Bus for the latest bus schedule.
  • The system and suppliers cannot make any changes, refunds, or cancellations after confirming the order and ticket.

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