ERIC CHOU Odyssey~ Journey RETURNS Macau Concert 2024

Date : March 15-16, 2024 (Friday to Saturday) 8:00 PM
Venue : Galaxy Arena, Macau, China


"Every hero must go through countless trials and
tribulations to become a true hero!"

Starting from the first stop in Singapore in 2022, ERIC
embarks on his Odyssey~ Journey and presents his 'Ballad Universe' on a
four-sided stage, crafted with the highest production standards, taking his
fans on an unparalleled audiovisual journey! After more than 20 touring
performances across Asia, America, Canada, and Australia, the exquisite visual
stage design and program content have gained international recognition, earning
the Conceptual Design of the Year, the highest honor, at the '2023 MUSE AWARD'
by the International Association of Architects (IAA), also known as the 'Design

Finally, in March 2024, ERIC will bring his ballad universe
to the Galaxy Arena in Macau!

ERIC emotionally says, "Everyone is striving to become
a better version of themselves. My journey continues because of all of you,
together with my fans!"

Facing the new experience of a 360-degree four-sided view,
"Every moment of each song is like a journey of various sizes." ERIC
hopes to connect every precious and unforgettable moment, embarking on an epic
journey hand in hand with his fans!

If you missed last year's concert in Hong Kong or if you
want to see the most handsome ERIC again and listen to his most heartfelt
songs, you cannot miss the “ERIC CHOU Odyssey~ Journey RETURNS Macau Concert

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"ERIC CHOU Odyssey~ Journey RETURNS Macau Concert 2024"

Concert Dates: March 15-16, 2024 (Friday to Saturday)

Venue: Galaxy Arena, Macau, China

Showtime: 8:00 PM

Tickets: MOP/HKD 1,588 / 1,288 / 988 / 688 / 488 (All Seats)

Artiste Management and Authorization: M Star Entertainment

Title Sponsor: Katch

Organizer: Sunny Side Up Entertainment

Co-organizers: Chessman Macau, Yiu Wing Live, Ample Hope,
Wan Xing Entertainment

Production Company: YASSS

Priority Booking: BOOKYAY.com

Ticketing Agent: Damai.cn

Ticketing Agents: MPay, Cityline

Venue Support: Galaxy Arena, Macau, China

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