(Extra Show) Wave To Earth : flaws and all tour in Hong Kong

Date : 19 March 2024 (Tue) 8pm
Venue : Music Zone@E-MAX

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Wave to Earth is a three-member band consisting of singer-songwriter Daniel Kim, drummer Dong Kyu Shin, and bassist John Cha. Wave to Earth produces indie pop with a lo-fi sound based on jazz drumming, creating a unique sense of the seasons and a dreamy atmosphere in the music. With the primary motto of "All Self-made," all recording, mixing, and mastering is done directly by the band members, who also direct the overall art field, such as album art, video, and fashion. Wave to Earth debuted with the single 'wave' in 2019, followed by EPs 'wave 0.01' and 'summer flows 0.02'. After joining the 'Wavy Seoul' label, they released singles 'nouvelle vague' and 'calla.' The name Wave to Earth reveals the band's desire to "become the new wave" and expand its own universe across the world.

Wave To Earth : flaws and all tour in Hong Kong
Date: 19th March 2024 (Tuesday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Music Zone @ E-Max, KITEC
Tickets: HKD $699 (VIP) / $499 (All Standing)

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