Jonathan Lee 2024 "Those Songs Through The Years" Concert - Macau

Date : 7 June 2024 (Fri)
Venue : Galaxy Arena, Macau

Jonathan Lee 2024 "Those Songs Through The Years" Concert

Jonathan Lee is here to see old friends!

"I am a songwriter, fortunate enough to bond with everyone through music, taking every touring opportunity to meet old friends."

One of the most capable and influential figures in the Chinese music industry, a music producer, songwriter, and singer. Jonathan Lee has created and produced over 300 songs, collaborating with nearly 70 singers and artists, with his popular works being sung across the billions in the Chinese-speaking world for half a century. To say "everyone has a Jonathan Lee song in their heart" is no exaggeration.

Jonathan Lee once said, "As a musician, I am happy that my work can touch your heart. Thank you everyone for liking the songs I wrote. From my youth until now, as my beard turns white, being able to accompany you with a song, to express the unspoken feelings in your heart, the emotions no one understands, the unforgettable sorrow, and the occasional joy, that's what life is all about. Therefore, I am sure I have more precious things to share with you. I cannot thank you enough, other than by writing songs, for those who care about me and those I care about."

The 2024 Jonathan Lee "Those Songs Through The Years" concert will feature a selection of classic tracks from Lee's music career, taking you back to the moment each song was created, offering a glimpse into the music production process, and the stories behind the musical notes that are yet to be known. Come and listen to the songs written from the quintessence of life! The songs you've listened to over the years, finally, one night that gathers us all, to sing the songs in your heart out loud!

Jonathan Lee 2024 "Those Songs Through The Years" Concert - Macau

Date: 7 June 2024 8PM

Venue: Galaxy Arena

Ticket Price: HKD / MOP 1580 / 1180 / 880 / 580

Presenter: CMC Live / Golden Deer Jr / Toptop / Best Shine / CR Entertainment / SSU / Chessman / Noiz Entertainment

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