Miriam Yeung MY TREE OF LIVE World Tour in Macau

Date : 14-15 Feb 2024 (Wed-Thu) 8:00pm
Venue : Macao, China - Galaxy Arena

It's been 4 years since her last world tour. Miriam Yeung is now bringing an elevated concept to share her classics in a different light. The brand new “MY TREE OF LIVE World Tour” is now coming to Macao! The musical feast depicts Miriam’s musical journey as the growth of trees. Her classic Cantonese songs has brought her all around the world and touches the heart of many. This show is set to create great memories with all her fans.

Miriam’s last world tour “MY BEAUTIFUL LIVE World Tour” has gain love and support of fans in 30 plus cities. The “MY TREE OF LIVE World Tour” is a narrative-driven musical performance, where she will invite the audience into her world of music and shares her stories through her songs. The concert draws inspiration from the growth of trees, which represent resilience and strength with their ability to weather strong storms. In the same way a tree's year rings serve as a record of its growth, Miriam's musical works have been accompanying listeners through their various stages of life.

"MY TREE OF LIVE" will feature an immersive concert experience, combining innovative stage designs, captivating lighting effects, music arrangement, and exquisite costume design to create a truly mesmerising event. Together with renowned music producer, Carl Wong, and leading choreographer, Sunny Wong, directing the music and dance for the show, fans can look forward to a spectacular visual and auditory experience.

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