Jockey Club "The Year of Go!" Series

Date : 15 April 2024 - 28 Feb 2025
Venue : Territory-wide

Entering 2024, our new generation (New Gen) are now ready to buddy up, hang out, and create memorable moments that truly belong to their generation. Jockey Club “The Year of Go!” Series (TYoG!) empowers the New Gen to go out and discover the wonder and excitement with their friends in life, starting from a simple and genuine ask of “Let’s Go!”.  In TYoG!, every youth has chances to inspire and influence their peer by spreading out their ideas.  Serving as a platform, TYoG! offers youth resources to take action, share and achieve their Year of Go!

TYoG! provides 60,000 youth aged 12 -17 (born between 2006.01.01 to 2012.12.31) HK$400 “Go! Voucher!”, encouraging youth to buddy up to join any local cultural, sports and art events, and discover enthusiasm.

Go register for the draw during the period 15 April 2024 to 23 July according to the birth years to try to get your voucher: www.tyog.hk!

You can use the Go!Voucher! on any events tagged with “JCTYOG” at Cityline.

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